Online Appearance

The Handy, Uncapped
Pen Interview
On September 6, 2019, I answered questions about writing, publishing, public speaking, collaboration, gender prejudice, etc. on The Handy, Uncapped Pen, a community for disabled and neurodivergent writers and other creatives.

Recently Published Poetry
"The Heron"
I combined "The Heron", originally published by Origami Poems Project in my microchapbook, Summer Creek, with a photo I took at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge as a broadside and the City of Beaverton selected it as #YourArtMoment for August 23, 2019.

A daily series showcasing art via social media, #YourArtMoment intends to inspire the community to take a moment to reflect and appreciate art and artists.

Vitamin ZZZ reprinted my poem "Dreams" on page 14 of the Summer 2019 edition, Dream Ticket. Vitamin ZZZ is SleepyHead CENTRAL's literary effort to spread awareness about all things sleep.

"Protest", "Forgotten", and "Ugly But Necessary"
Portland Metrozine introduces three of my poems with: "Goldhaber wields their poetry as an activist's tool to call out injustice against our fellow humans, our environment, and other species that inhabit the earth with us."

Read three of my activist poems -- "Protest", "Forgotten", and "Ugly But Necessary" -- in the Summer, 2019 issue. (Photo by Michael Manuel.)

Recently Published Fiction
Read "Silence"
The monsters burst forth from the closet in this collection of 25 terrifying tales. These scary stories feature characters that span a spectrum of identities and genders and were written by a diverse range of LGBTQIA authors and allies.

Preorder Black Rainbow Vol I, edited by Scott Savino, which includes my story, "Silence".

If you live your life for music, how do you survive without it? Would you make a deal with the devil to get it back? What if the price is too high?

Listen to "Silence"
If you prefer horror in audio, check out "The NoSleep Podcast", a horror fiction podcast intended for mature adults, not the faint of heart. Episode 02 of Season 13, five tales about the bonds which connect us all too tightly together, includes an excellent audio version of "Silence"