Recently Published Fiction
Listen to "Dimensions" on The Overcast, narrated by J.S. Arquin.

Lost in another dimension, one of her own creation, Lora struggles to survive until her wife finds a way to repair the door that separates them.

You can also purchase "Dimensions" in ebook and print (together with The Lover and The Patient and Queer Notion in The Lover and the Patient: Three Stories)".

Recently Published Poetry
"Full House"
Vitamin ZZZ reprinted my poem "Full House" on page 33 of the Spring 2019 edition, Family Bed

Vitamin ZZZ is SleepyHead CENTRAL's literary effort to spread awareness about all things sleep: sleep health, sleep disorders, sleep medicine, sleep hygiene, and much more.

Zingara Poetry Review, a space for practicing poets, published my shadorma Protection on May 1, 2019.

Summer Creek
The Origami Poems Project selected six of my poems inspired by Summer Creek -- that runs through Beaverton and Tigard, Oregon -- for a microchap 'zine. You can download Summer Creek, print it, and follow the instructions to fold it for your own personal copy. Thanks to the talented Lauri Burke for the beautiful cover art.

The Origami Poems Project publishes microchaps, groups of poems arranged on single sheets of paper. The papers fold origami-style into palm-sized 'zines containing six pages of text.