Recently Published Poetry
"Take The Knee"
The Raven Chronicles Press included my poem, "Take The Knee", inspired by Colin Kaepernick, in the Take a Stand: Art Against Hate anthology.

Edited by Seattle-based writers Anna Balint, Phoebe Bosche, and Thomas Hubbard, Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, A Raven Chronicles Anthology includes poems, stories, and images from 117 writers and 53 artists, divided into five fluid and intersecting sections: Legacies, We Are Here, Why?, Evidence, and Resistance ("Take The Knee" is in that last section on page 268).
"Point of View" and "Repair Fair"
"Point of View" and "Repair Fair", two very Portland-centric poems, appear in the Fall 2019 issue of Portland Metrozine, a growing online community of writers, artists, and deep thinkers from around the world who share their ever-evolving literary work, visual art, and positive community vision.

The poem "Repair Fair" was inspired by and is dedicated to the many devoted volunteers who share their skills at Repair Fairs in Washington County, Oregon.

Recently Published Non-Fiction

Puppies and Pelicans
I first met Shaindel Beers at Wordstock in 2009 when I introduced her reading promoting her first book, A Brief History of Time. We've bumped into each other at various events since, and recently she sent me a review copy of her third poetry collection, Secure Your Own Mask.

My review of Secure Your Own Mask, which won both the White Pine Press Poetry Prize and a Woodrow Hall Top Shelf Award, appears in the Winter 2019 issue of Whale Road Review.

Recently Published Fiction
Read "Silence"
The monsters burst forth from the closet in this collection of 25 terrifying tales. These scary stories feature characters that span a spectrum of identities and genders and were written by a diverse range of LGBTQIA authors and allies.

Purchase Black Rainbow Vol I, edited by Scott Savino, which includes my story, "Silence".

If you live your life for music, how do you survive without it? Would you make a deal with the devil to get it back? What if the price is too high?

Listen to "Silence"
If you prefer horror in audio, check out "The NoSleep Podcast", a horror fiction podcast intended for mature adults, not the faint of heart. Episode 02 of Season 13, five tales about the bonds which connect us all too tightly together, includes an excellent audio version of "Silence"