Recently Published Poetry
"Human Concerns"
The fourth annual Parks & Points & Poetry 2020 poetry series includes my poem "Human Concerns", which contrasts pandemic panic with swampland serenity.

Created by Amy Beth and Derek Wright, Brooklyn-based writers and outdoor enthusiasts with a great appreciation for shared public lands, Parks & Points & Poetry 2020 publishes personal essays and poetry about national parks and other public lands. They host an annual spring poetry series in conjunction with National Poetry Month.
"Dear Facebook"
Ever wonder about the pages Facebook suggests you "like"? It's not really difficult to figure out, if you think about it. My poem "Dear Facebook" laments the social media site's use and abuse of algorithms. Cirque, A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim, included it in the 10th Anniversary issue.

Published in Anchorage, Alaska, Cirque includes work from writers living in the North Pacific Rim: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, Yukon Territory, Alberta, British Columbia, and Chukotka.

Find "Dear Facebook" on page 63 (page 65 in the document).
"Rainy Weather",
"Duck Amusement Park",
and "Captured"
Find three of my tanka -- "Rainy Weather", "Duck Amusement Park", and "Captured" -- on pages 78-80 of the Spring 2020 issue of Door is a Jar Magazine.

Door is a Jar Magazine -- a print and digital publication of poetry, short fiction, nonfiction, drama and artwork -- "steers away from mere academic writing, and focuses on writing that is accessible for all readers."

You can also find a broadside of "Rainy Weather" on Pinterest.
"Take The Knee"
The Raven Chronicles Press included my poem, "Take The Knee", inspired by Colin Kaepernick, in the Take a Stand: Art Against Hate anthology.

Edited by Seattle-based writers Anna Balint, Phoebe Bosche, and Thomas Hubbard, Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, A Raven Chronicles Anthology includes poems, stories, and images from 117 writers and 53 artists, divided into five fluid and intersecting sections: Legacies, We Are Here, Why?, Evidence, and Resistance ("Take The Knee" is in that last section on page 268).