May 13, 2014
Ticket to Faerie

For ten years, Alyssa's grandmother sent her magic gifts that didn't work. But, when Alyssa correctly, for once, follows the instructions that came with her 16th birthday present, she finds herself in Faerie, desperately trying to bring home a way to save her grandmother's life.

Available May 16 from Uncial Press.
Shiny New Shoes!
I have shoes! In a classic case of the cobbler's kids running around barefoot, all the websites associated with the Goldhaber name are sadly out of date. (As in look, Mom, I did it myself, HTML2 or maybe 3.)

But, thanks in part to a client who postponed his project, the professional web designer in the family, Joel Goldhaber, finally had a chance to do something about

And just in time, since I have new fiction releasing under this name starting this week! Fiction is a bit slim at the moment, but those pages will be filling up quickly in the coming months, beginning with Ticket to Faerie available this Friday.

Why did I get this?
Hi there. I know you. At some point in time you and I have interacted, either online, or more likely in real life. Perhaps we worked together, or met at a conference or workshop. Or we might have only corresponded online.

Which is how you got on this list. You gave me your e-mail address and at the time I didn't always remember to ask if you wanted to receive my mailings.

Up until now, I've infrequently shared information about my poetry projects and reading/speaking engagement with this list. Most of the fiction I've published has been erotica under a pseudonym.

But starting this year, I will be publishing speculative fiction under my name. And, this list will be used to let folks know when/where that fiction is available.

You may or may not read speculative fiction (which is the all encompassing term for fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror, etc.). You may be willing to try something you've never read because you personally know the author. Or you may prefer not to receive these notices.

So, you have choices. Using the links in the email you received 1) you can click on "modify" your preferences to choose which of my emails you wish to get: just event related, just workshop related, or information about new fiction and poetry; (If you don't see an option you think you might want, or are not sure which list you want to be on, send me an email.) or 2) you can choose to "leave" this mailing list and you'll never receive any email from the list again; or 3) you can do nothing and continue to receive my newsletters which I expect to send out no more than once a month (at most). Regardless of your choice, I never share my mailing list information with anyone.

If someone forwarded you this email, please do not click on the links -- you'll change that person's settings. You can sign up for my mailing list yourself by checking the box and giving me your email address.