September 23, 2014
Subversive Verse

My newest book of poetry, Subversive Verse, collects poems about corporate cruelty, gender grievances, supreme shambles, political perversion, and race relations best read aloud.

Available in print and electronic books October 1. You can pre-order ebooks from various retailers now.

In August, The New Verse News published "Hate," one of the poems which appears in Subversive Verse.

PDX SynesthesiA

In August I enjoyed PDX SynesthesiA so much, I'm returning for the Oct. 5 event. From noon to 10 p.m., enjoy the work of Northwest artist, writers, and musicians at the Foggy Notion, 3416 N Lombard St, Portland.

At 4 p.m. I will share and discuss all new works of subversive poetry. The event also marks the first opportunity to purchase autographed copies of my newest collection, Subversive Verse.

Available At Midnight
From a life of slavery to Dragon Treasure.

Stolen from her people and her owners, Lis-Orna learns dragons define "treasure" very differently than humans.

She risks her life to rescue her sister from slavery, only to learn that her former owners march to attack the dragons.

Jorane's survival depends on the Firestone, but will she reach it in time?

At the mercy of a tyrant and his sorcerers who covet the gemstone and its power, Jorane languishes in a dungeon cell, thousands of leagues separating her from the source of her own magic.

Coming October 15. Available for pre-order later this week.

To Rise Again
Sometimes legends take flight, but at what cost?

After wandering the desert, Roserin and her son thought they found refuge in Farona.

But in To Rise Again priests in Farona kidnap Sethin in the middle of night and send Roserin on an impossible journey to save him.

Coming October 29. Available for pre-order later this week.

Volunteers Needed
Do you love to read? Did your parents read to you as a child? Now, imagine if they hadn't, if you'd never seen a book before you entered elementary school. Stories about children with that experience got me to volunteer for SMART (Start Making A Reader Today) more than a decade ago. I wrote about my experience a few years later.

Reading is a child's gateway to learning. Right now, in Oregon alone, 34 percent of third-graders do not meeting state reading standards, making it more likely they will drop out of high school, be unemployed, and even incarcerated.

You can help. SMART needs hundreds more volunteers for the program which starts next month. (And if you live elsewhere, contact your local schools to find what programs are offered in your area.)

For a minimal investment of an hour a week, you can have a profound impact on two children's future.