November 1, 2018

What Color is Your Privilege?
Limited Edition
Available only at my readings and to subscribers of this newsletter, my fifth poetry collection, What Color is Your Privilege?, opens "a window on the suffering many are privileged to ignore."

"Serving a truth serum for hate and hypocrisy, F.I. Goldhaber is writing with a hammer and speaking with a tongue of fire. In What Color is Your Privilege?, they sing a book-length blues song decrying racial, gender, religious, and sexual intolerance in America. With courage and a rejection of conventionality rarely found in contemporary verse, this book shines a bright, beaming light on the 'hostile world' we live in and the revolution being fought for the soul of America." -- John Warner Smith, author of Soul Be A Witness and A Mandala of Hands

Buy the limited edition of What Color is Your Privilege? for $10.49 plus shipping.