November 5, 2019

"Point of View"
and "Repair Fair"

"Point of View" and "Repair Fair", two very Portland-centric poems, appear in the Fall 2019 issue of Portland Metrozine, a growing online community of writers, artists, and deep thinkers from around the world who share their ever-evolving literary work, visual art, and positive community vision.

The poem "Repair Fair" was inspired by and is dedicated specifically to the many devoted volunteers who share their skills at Repair Fairs in Washington County, Oregon.
I took a photo at Tryon Creek State Natural Area to create a broadside for my poem "Brooks", first published in Pairs of Poems, first appearing on Twitter as part of Folded Word's Form.Reborn, and included in the press's anthology On a Narrow Windowsill: Fiction and Poetry Folded onto Twitter.

The City of Beaverton selected the "Brooks" broadside as #YourArtMoment for October 20, 2019.

A daily series showcasing art via social media, #YourArtMoment intends to inspire the community to take a moment to reflect and appreciate art and artists.