November 6, 2014
Five Old White Men
New Verse News published my poem, "Five Old White Men," on the first Monday in October.

Rain or Shine Reading Series
I will read at the Oregon Writers Colony Rain or Shine Reading series December 4. The series features writers reading published or unpublished works in an intimate coffee house setting.

I will share some poems from my new collection, Subversive Verse, as well as other work. Also reading, Evan Williams.

Please join me December 4 at the Rain or Shine Coffee House, 7 to 9 p.m., 5941 SE Division St., Portland.

Readings @ Milepost 5
I will read at Milepost 5's Denizen Gallery January 20, 2015. Open mic signup and socializing begin at 7 p.m. with featured readers -- me, Tricia Knoll, and Pattie Palmer-Baker beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Please join me January 20 at the Milepost 5 Denizen Gallery, 7 to 10 p.m., 850 NE 81st Ave, Portland.

Another Read Through
Although you can order my paper books from any bookstore, Another Read Through, 3932 N Mississippi Ave. in Portland, has many signed books in stock!

This delightful, local independent book store carries a vast selection of used books. It also supports local authors by offering their new books for sale and hosting events.

Look for my books there on both the local author and poetry shelves.
Print Book Sale
Just in time for the holidays, I'm offering a special deal on autographed print books. For a limited time only, you can purchase print books for up to 40 percent off (plus shipping), personally autographed to you or the people you're giving each of them to.

Order two to five books for 25 percent off the $10.49 retail price (only $7.87* each); six to nine books for 30 percent off (only $7.34* each); and ten or more books for 40 percent off (only $6.29* each).

You could purchase one copy of each of my fiction and poetry books or several of any to give as gifts -- order as many as you like. (To order multiple copies of the same book, simply continue shopping and select that book again.)

Place your Print Book Sale order no later than December 1 for delivery by December 24.

*Prices do not include cost of USPS shipping. For this promotion only, orders for Pairs of Poems, which normally retails for $12.99, will be discounted from the same $10.49* price.
Hit & Run
Sometimes moving on isn't an option. ... Robert Linden just wanted to forget what happened the night before. But some things insist you remember them. Hit & Run available today.

This story evolved after I braved an intersection in West Seattle, marked but with no light. The cars zoomed down Admiral Way, exceeding the speed limit as they came around the curve just before the cross walk. I wondered how many vehicles had hit pedestrians there, especially at night in the rain.
Royal Blood
Blood spilled centuries past stains the present. ... To drive his ancestor's voice from his head, James bribes the ghosts of those who killed him. Pre-order Royal Blood now. Ebook available November 12.

I visited Hikiau Heiau many years ago and met the fascinating temple guardian (who allowed me to climb the stairs to take the cover photograph). Even though it's not her story, our conversation inspired this tale.
Sometimes our destination chooses us. ... Three women take refuge in a cozy cottage on the side of the road, but the shelter offered does not exist. Pre-order Crossroads now. Ebook available November 19.

Decades ago my mother, who worked as a registered nurse in emergency rooms, orthopaedic wards, family practice clinics, etc. told me about a dream that wanted to be a story. Although at the time I sketched out a story based on what she remembered, I hadn't progressed enough as a writer to pull it off. I've learned much about storytelling since then.

Three Ghost Stories
On November 19, you also can purchase the print book, Hit & Run: Three Ghost Stories.

The print book includes all three November releases: "Hit & Run," "Crossroads," and "Royal Blood."

And, you can pre-order your print copy of Hit & Run: Three Ghost Stories whenever you place your Holiday Print Book Sale order.