November 9, 2015

News on Hold
I've had several poems accepted for publication in the last few weeks (although none of them are available to share with you yet).

Most writers (who submit) have experienced instant rejection at least once -- we joke about setting records for how long it takes between submitting a piece of writing and receiving a form rejection note.

I announced my new personal best -- 25 minutes from submission to acceptance -- on Facebook and wrote, "Don't think I'll be beating that one anytime soon." An hour later, I received another acceptance email, 15 minutes after I submitted the poems.

Look for news about which poems will appear where (and in one case that's literally) in the coming months.
Print Book Sale
Starting November 27 (Black Friday in the United States) all of my print books will be on sale for $2 off.

You will be able to order them from CreateSpace using the coupon code NFSKDCAK from November 26 through the end of the year.

Alternatively, if you shop in Portland, Oregon, you can purchase them at the same price from Another Read Through, 3932 N Mississippi Ave., and save shipping costs. Another Read Through carries both used and new books. It's a great store that supports area authors by promoting their books and hosting readings.