December 2, 2015

"On the Fringes"
Read "On the Fringes" in the Fall 2015 issue of the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, a journal of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction (page 127 in print; 134 online).

"Shared Grieving"
Read "Shared Grieving" in the November 17, 2015 edition of The New Verse News, which presents politically progressive poetry on current events and topical issues.

Year End
Print Book Sale

Remember, now through the end of the year save $2 apiece on all of my print books.

Order my fantasy, science fiction, horror, and poetry from CreateSpace using the coupon code NFSKDCAK.

Alternatively, if you shop in Portland, Oregon, you can purchase them for the same discounted price from Another Read Through, 3932 N Mississippi Ave.

Shopping locally also saves you shipping costs. Another Read Through carries both used and new books. It's a great store that supports area authors by promoting their books and hosting readings.

Be Grateful
Four of my haiku and tanka -- "Berries," "Truffles," "Autumn Harvest," and "Portland Diversity" -- were among pieces featured at Portland Mall Management, Inc.'s "Be Grateful" event.

The last half of November in downtown Portland my poems appeared on signs posted in the transit mall area, on Fifth and Sixth Avenues between Salmon and Burnside. (Portland Diversity photo by Shawn Norris.)