December 2, 2020

"Meet the New Boss ...
Same As the Old Boss"

Despite four years of numerous analysts explaining in myriad articles, Twitter threads, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, etc. that racism is their primary reason for supporting him, there are still people insisting we need to "understand" why people vote for a white supremacist.

The problems in this country that feed white supremacy--racism, patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, misogyny, homomisia, transmisia, Islammisia, xenomisia--are systemic. "Meet the New Boss ... Same As the Old Boss".

The Big Smoke is "a capital city for the 21st century in America. We're all about cutting through the noises and mazes to have a distinctive cultural impact and connect people with things they'll love."
"Thin Blue Lie", "Times
that Try", "'Nice' People"

As the World Burns: Writers and Artists Reflect on a World Gone Mad, an anthology of poetry, prose, essay, and art inspired by the unprecedented events of the year 2020, includes three of my poems: "Thin Blue Lie", "Times that Try", and "'Nice' People". Embracing "fierce and raw creative works relating to life during the Covid-19 pandemic, Black Lives Matter ... and the economic uncertainty and horror of the last eight months", As the World Burns packs the work of 114 writers and artists from ten countries and 30 states into more than 400 pages.

Both a story of survival and an act of resistance, dedicated "to those who have bravely fought the encroaching darkness in 2020 with their writing and their art", As the World Burns speaks, with many voices, to the damage wrought in these violent, fevered months. Let us to never forget or turn away from what is just, what is necessary, to keep light alive in this world."