December 07, 2021

"National Day of Mourning"
In the week preceding the 2021 National Day of Mourning, we witnessed even more very specific examples, to pile on top of myriad others, of the United States' brutal and bloody legacy that the "Thanksgiving" holiday celebrates.

I explain how inequities and injustice, perpetuated by the white supremacy enshrined in the country's founding documents, continue today in "National Day of Mourning" on The Big Smoke.

"Police ≠ Public Safety"
Whereas there is no evidence anywhere that increasing police presence improves public safety, restorative justice actually does. But last month, as I predicted, the Portland City Council ignored the data, the testimony of hundreds, and the protest of thousands, voting to throw more millions of dollars at violent criminals the Portland Police Bureau with the erroneous expectation that doing so will result in any progress toward public safety.

I discuss why "Police ≠ Public Safety" and the data commissioners ignored on The Big Smoke.

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