February 3, 2022

"Cozcacuauhtli: Protester
Facing Incarceration for Dancing"

A year ago, hundreds of MAGAts, Qultists, and other racist sycophants of the grifter, rapist, narcissistic pedophile who spent four years in the White House mobbed the United States Capitol building in a failed coup attempt. From the progress of the cases against them, fewer than half of the rioters culpable in beating a cop who died the next day, driving four others to suicide, and terrorizing members of Congress will spend time in jail. Instead, at most, they'll receive probation, house detention, small fines, and community service sentences.

But in Portland, Cozcacuauhtli faces years of incarceration for Danza Azteca and displaying piñatas, candles, balloons, and red dresses in memory of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls outside the ICE building in Southwest Portland. I tell Cozcacuauhtli's story on The Big Smoke.

Read my haiku, "Hailstorm", in the tranquility-themed Winter 2022 Issue of MockingHeart Review.

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