February 04, 2020

"Take The Knee"
The Raven Chronicles Press included my poem, "Take The Knee", inspired by Colin Kaepernick, in the Take a Stand: Art Against Hate anthology.

Edited by Seattle-based writers Anna Balint, Phoebe Bosche, and Thomas Hubbard, Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, A Raven Chronicles Anthology includes poems, stories, and images from 117 writers and 53 artists. Divided into five fluid and intersecting sections: Legacies, We Are Here, Why?, Evidence, and Resistance ("Take The Knee" is in that last section on page 268), the work represents a wide range of proactively humanitarian and nonviolent stances. In Take a Stand: Art Against Hate poets, artists, and activists participate in a print-form peace march, an ongoing campaign for justice in the struggles embodied in these writings, photos, and artwork.