February 6, 2019

"Little Lavender Pill"
and "Age Old Dilemma"

Two of my poems appear in the Winter/Spring issue of Kaleidoscope magazine. Read "Little Lavender Pill" on page 16 (17 in the document), and "Age Old Dilemma" on page 29 (30) of Kaleidoscope Issue 78.

Kaleidoscope magazine focuses on the experiences of disability through literature and the fine arts.
"Wetlands Drama"
"Wetlands Drama" won the thirteenth annual Number One poetry contest and appears on page 26 (page 37 in the document) of Volume 46, released in January of 2019.

Published annually by students at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, Tennessee, Number One features poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction with an emphasis on sense of place.

Those of you who also write and submit, may find it of interest that "Wetlands Drama" received 32 rejections before it found a home. Perserverence pays.