March 02, 2022

"That Hurts"
Triggered by a former, obnoxious, touchy-feely mayor, who I had to dodge to avoid real damage (back when I could still leave my home), I wrote the poem That Hurts. Then, I called and filed a complaint with the city.

The Handy Uncapped Pen published "That Hurts", which looks at the difficulties of navigating public spaces for someone who suffers from chronic pain.

The Handy Uncapped Pen, a community for disabled and neurodivergent writers and other creatives, publishes poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, visual art, interviews, performance videos, and cover reveals, as well as sponsoring an annual contest and a mentor program.
"Oregon Legislature Proposes
Rolling Back Police Restraints"

The Portland Police used tear gas against peaceful protesters even when ordered not to do so by the mayor/police commissioner, the U.S. Department of Justice, courts of law, and the state legislature. When told they could only use tear gas to control rioting, they simply declared a riot and/or "unlawful assembly" every single night.

Now they've convinced Republican legislators representing rural areas that have no experience with the harm that these chemicals and weapons cause and a Republican gubernatorial candidate looking to score political points to introduce HB 4131 which egregiously rolls back the little protection for protesters offered by recently passed legislation.

I share the testimony I submitted against this legislation on The Big Smoke.

The Big Smoke is "a capital city for the 21st century in America. We're all about cutting through the noises and mazes to have a distinctive cultural impact and connect people with things they'll love."