June 4, 2019

Let's Try Lovecraft
Joel Goldhaber started a new series on his Lovecraft Country YouTube channel called "Let's Try". Ever thought about playing a video game based on H.P. Lovecraft's works and influences, but unsure whether it's worth the investment? Get a sneak peek at games such as the upcoming Junji Ito-inspired retro game "World of Horror", the tactical card game of encroaching eldritch dread "Cultist Simulator", or the Dungeons & Dragons meets Call of Cthulhu "Darkest Dungeon". The possibilities are maddening...

"Full House"
Vitamin ZZZ reprinted my poem "Full House" on page 33 of the Spring 2019 edition, "Family Bed".

Vitamin ZZZ is SleepyHead CENTRAL's literary effort to spread awareness about all things sleep, including sleep health, sleep disorders, sleep medicine, sleep hygiene, and much more.

"Full House" first appeared in the print-only Green Is The Color Of Winter. It's also included in my fourth collection, Food ♦ Family ♦ Friends.