July 08, 2021

"Coming Conflagration"
If you want any more evidence that elected officials have no intention of giving anything more than lip service to actions necessary to mitigate climate change, you need look no further than their lack of action before the so-called Independence Day holiday in the United States.

Despite drought afflicting almost the entire Western United States, elected officials did almost nothing to prevent the coming conflagration. Read my post about U.S. citizens proving they are not capable of safely handling fireworks -- sacrificing fingers, eyes, and homes to explode rockets and grenades in their driveways -- while no one was brave enough to shut down the industry and eliminate the profits in "Coming Conflagration".

"Voices of the Unheard"
Elected officials invite voters to attend "hearings" about how they should spend taxpayers' money, but then never listen to what their constituents say. They continue to pour billions of dollars -- often at the expense of key government programs, mental health services, education, housing, etc. -- into the always gaping, never appeased, maw of police/sheriff/trooper budgets to the benefit of almost no one except those wearing the uniforms/badges.

I discuss the way hundreds of municipal, county, and state governments ignored thousands of people demanding they stop militarizing law enforcement and slash police budgets in "Voices of the Unheard" on The Big Smoke.

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