July 9, 2019

If you live your life for music, how do you survive without it? Would you make a deal with the devil to get it back? What if the price is too high?

If you enjoy horror in audio (allowing you to keep both hands free to hold a blanket over your head), check out "The NoSleep Podcast", a horror fiction podcast intended for mature adults, not the faint of heart.

Episode 02 of Season 13, five tales about the bonds which connect us all too tightly together, includes an excellent audio version of "Silence"

Produced by Phil Michalski and narrated by Nikolle Doolin, Silence starts around 01:16:00 into the podcast. Addison Peacock gives voice to Janine with David Cummings as her father and David Ault as the doctor.

Monsters burst forth from the closet in this collection of 25 terrifying tales featuring characters who span a spectrum of identities and genders, written by a diverse range of LGBTQIA authors and allies.

Preorder Black Rainbow Vol I, edited by Scott Savino. Available in August, Black Rainbow includes my story, "Silence".

Special thanks to my niece, violinist Dr. Tanya Goldhaber, for her musical expertise.

"Amendment XIV"
NATIONALISM: (Mis)Understanding Donald Trump's Capitalism, Racism, Global Politics, International Trade and Media Wars -- a rich, robust collection of 10 essays, three fiction pieces, 51 poems, and two plays -- includes my poems "Amendment XIV" and "The War on Terrorism". Edited by Tendai Rinos Mwanaka and published by Mwanaka Media in Zimbabwe as part of the African Books Collective, it is the second volume in Africa VS North America.