September 5, 2019

Vitamin ZZZ reprinted my poem "Dreams" on page 14 of the Summer 2019 edition, Dream Ticket, released on August 16.

Vitamin ZZZ is SleepyHead CENTRAL's literary effort to spread awareness about all things sleep.

The Handy Uncapped Pen, a community for disabled and neurodivergent writers and other creatives. published my poem NormalPeople on August 9.

The City of Beaverton posts a daily series showcasing art on social media. #YourArtMoment intends to inspire the community to take a moment to reflect and appreciate art and artists.

I combined "The Heron", a shadorma originally published by Origami Poems Project in my microchapbook, Summer Creek, with a photo I took at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge as a broadside. The City of Beaverton selected it as #YourArtMoment for August 23, posting it on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

"Kelsey Creek Shade", originally published by Windfall: A Journal of Poetry of Place, appeared in my collection, Food ♦ Family ♦ Friends, illustrated with this photo of the tree described in the tanka. I combined the two as a broadside and the City of Beaverton selected it as #YourArtMoment for August 4, posting it on Twitter and Facebook.

See more of my broadsides combining poetry and photography on Pinterest.