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Diverse Voices Quarterly was an online literary journal that celebrated many voices from 2009-2016, providing an outlet for AND by everyone: every age, race, gender, sexual orientation, and religious background. This journal, in essence, celebrated and unified diversity. Krisma, the primary editor and founder of DVQ, was born and raised in Springfield, Illinois, but after looking for a more diverse surrounding, she moved to the New York City area in 2001. In 2015, she moved to upstate New York, and has been living there since. She knows it’s not her permanent home and is open to the next home. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in 13th Moon, cc&d, East Jasmine Review, Folly, Forge, The Griffin (online), Nomad’s Choir, RiverSedge, Seventh Quarry, and Wisconsin Review.

These issues are best viewed by opening them up in a new tab or window, and be sure if you link to them that you copy the link after opening them. Our contact info is below if you have any questions.

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Thank you so much for sharing your words with us. It’s been an amazing run! If you wish to get in touch with the editors, you can do so at krisma777 at yahoo, on Twitter, or Facebook.