What Color is Your Privilege?
A collection of 72 political statements in poetic form, What Color is Your Privilege? examines the wide spectrum of ways our society marginalizes people. Although many people on society's fringes still have some privilege, society maligns, excludes, and abuses them because of their skin color, religion, disabilities, neurodivergence, sex, sexual orientation, gender, immigration status, age, financial position, housing arrangements, etc.

What Color is Your Privilege? opens a window on the suffering many are privileged to ignore.

"Serving a truth serum for hate and hypocrisy, F.I. Goldhaber is writing with a hammer and speaking with a tongue of fire. In What Color is Your Privilege?, they sing a book-length blues song decrying racial, gender, religious, and sexual intolerance in America. With courage and a rejection of conventionality rarely found in contemporary verse, this book shines a bright, beaming light on the 'hostile world' we live in and the revolution being fought for the soul of America." -- John Warner Smith, Louisiana State Poet Laureate 2019-2021.

Now available from Left Fork books and your local bookstore as well as from Bookshop.org. You can also order from Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Left Fork is a small "unashamedly progressive press" based in Southwest Oregon, overlooking the West (left) Fork of Oregon's Illinois River.

Recently Published Poetry
"The Price of Prisons for Profit"
The Handy Uncapped Pen featured "The Price of Prisons for Profit" March 17, 2023. Inspired by a colleague's ordeal navigating the profitable prison industrial complex, the poem debuted on Tiny Tim Literary Review June 27, 2017 and appears in What Color is Your Privilege?.

HUP is a community for disabled and neurodivergent writers and other creatives.
"Sacrifice" and "Body Broken"
Hags On Fire published two of my poems about perimenopause/menopause in the Winter Solstice 2022 issue. Although originally written some years ago, Sacrifice, now a Rictameter, and Body Broken, now a Fibonacci never found a home before because the subject is taboo.

Hags on Fire, is a biannual literary zine focused on women's embodied experiences of perimenopause, menopause, and croning--minus the patriarchy.
Recently Published Non-Fiction
"Accommodation v Inclusion"
Accommodation v Inclusion started as an angry email, never sent because the intended recipient changed an in-person-only event to hybrid. Since many other entities won't offer online event options, I turned the email into essay. It leads the winter issue of Breath & Shadow, a quarterly journal of disability culture and literature.

A project of Ability Maine, Breath & Shadow, was the first online literary journal with a focus on disability and features poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, drama, and other writing that examines the human experience of living with disability.

Online Appearances
Interview on What Color is Your Privilege? Topics
J. R. Jackson, founder and curator of The Handy, Uncapped Pen interviewed me about the topics in What Color is Your Privilege? as well as the path to the book's publication. Find my responses to her perceptive questions in the October 28 issue.

A community for disabled and neurodivergent writers and other creatives, The Handy Uncapped Pen publishes poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, visual art, interviews, performance videos, and cover reveals.
Creativity and Disability--
Advocacy and Resistance Poetry
Sara Watkins, Spoonie Press founder and editor in chief, read What Color is Your Privilege? and asked some really insightful questions. Find my in-depth responses in the October 5 issue of Spoonie Mag, the Spoonie Press weekly digital magazine.

Spoonie Press -- a supportive space for disabled, chronically ill, and neurodiverse people -- supports disability advocacy in publishing and the arts.