October 7, 2020
The Big Smoke

"Peaceful Protests"
Mostly white regional elected officials, the white editorial board of the biggest newspaper in Oregon, and numerous mostly white-owned businesses have called for an end to the violence on the streets of Portland, Oregon. But, nowhere do any of these people acknowledge that night after night, the primary perpetrators of violence wear the uniforms and badges of the Portland Police Bureau.

As Black Lives Matter protesters try to navigate peacefully in the streets of Portland, the rules for doing so constantly shift and police continue to meet "Peaceful Protests" against police brutality with police violence.
"Racism Over Reform"
Oregon elected officials and law enforcement use the failed Proud Boys attempt to stir up trouble Saturday, September 26, as an excuse to remove restrictions on violence against Black Lives Matter protesters, brutally attacking them and, once again, choosing "Racism Over Reform".

I report on how police ignore white supremacists' law breaking while violating protesters' First and Fourth amendment rights on The Big Smoke

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Protests, Politics, Possibilities
The political winds have shifted since Portland's May 19th mayoral primary. Now, the top vote getter is the underdog. But, the other name on the ballot could be a spoiler. I examine the dynamics on The Big Smoke.