F.I. and Joel Goldhaber live, love, and write together in the Pacific Northwest, sharing their home with three other eccentric felines.

F. I. Goldhaber

F.I. Goldhaber's words capture people, places, and politics with a photographer's eye and a poet's soul. As a reporter, editor, business writer, and marketing communications consultant, they produced news stories, feature articles, editorial columns, and reviews for newspapers, corporations, governments, and non-profits in five states. Now paper, plastic, electronic, and audio magazines, books, newspapers, calendars, broadsides, and street signs display their poetry, fiction, and essays.

In addition, F.I. shared their words at events throughout the Pacific Northwest and on the radio. They appeared at venues such as Wordstock, Oregon Literary Review, bookstores, libraries, galleries, coffee shops, bars, record stores, and community colleges and gave presentations on subjects as diverse as indie publishing, marketing, writing erotica, and building volunteer organizations.

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Joel Goldhaber

U.S. Navy veteran Joel Goldhaber writes speculative fiction, games with snark and style, and develops unique custom websites. His non-fiction work appeared in Knights of the Dinner Table and on-line wikis, including TV Tropes.

An amateur scholar of Lovecraft and Tolkien, Joel created the world and characters found in the story "Watching the Door" (co-written with F.I.), which took Third in the 2016 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award.
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