Portland Under Occupation

July 14, 2020

Thanks to the "violent anarchist" ravings of the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security appointed by the Fascist in the White House, the so-called mainstream media has discovered that Portland is under occupation.

Hostile federal government troops have joined the local police in beating, tear gassing, kidnapping, and arresting protesters, reporters, legal observers, non-profit groups working to feed the hungry and houseless, and random passers by.

As someone who worked as a reporter for local newspapers (back in the days before google and cell phones), who watched national media pervert, steal, and twist local stories, I can guarantee the national media won't "sort out" what's happening here.

They'll come in with the prejudices of outsiders who've listened to government lies and they will become part of the problem. (Associated Press has already messed up last night's story by conflating two separate events, miles apart, into one.)

Meanwhile, the local reporters who have risked their lives every night for very little (if any) compensation to document the #PoliceViolence have had their videos and words stolen by mainstream media that twists the facts to satisfy their corporate masters.

Anyone who wants to come to Portland to cover what's going on, needs to reach out to the local reporters who've been on the ground in the occupied war zone that's now Portland, to learn truths before they attempt to write about it. Be sure to bring your gas mask.

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