Many thanks to those all those who have helped bring my characters to life and contributed to
my success by sharing their knowledge, skills, support, and respect for the language, including:

Sharon Bowen and her horse, Ernie
Larry Brooks, Teacher
The dedicated members of Corvallis Inklings
Cindy Gibson, proofreader
Beverly Goldhaber, RN, student of herbal lore, critiquer
Jerome Goldhaber, student of history
Joel Goldhaber, partner, critiquer, collaborator
Shaindell Goldhaber, critiquer
Dr. Steven Goldhaber, scientist, teacher, consultant
Scott Johnson, jewelry designer
Laurie Lawhon, editor
Nancy Travis, freshman English teacher, Clear Creek High School
Ruth Wright, fifth and sixth grade teacher, Randolph Elementary School
And all the friends who encouraged me over the years.