Three hundred and eighty years from now, Humanity has spread to 600 planets and a young girl, Kris Longknife graduates from college. To her parent's dismay, she joins the Navy. After the long eighty year peace among humanity, they feel there is no need for heroes. But soon Kris Longknife is hanging with Marines, rescuing a kidnapped little girl, busting bandit butt to get food to a starving world, and she's discovering that maybe some of the things about being one of those damn Longknifes didn't make it into the history books. The Kris Longknife saga is the story of a young woman coming of age during a time when things are falling apart and discovering that maybe humanity still does need heroes.
Mutineer, a Kris Longknife novel by Mike Shepherd
Kris Longknife series #1
She could have been the campaign manager for her brother's election like her father, the Prime Minister, wanted. She could have been the empty headed debutante her mother wanted. Instead, fresh out of college, Kris Longknife joined the Navy. Now she's associated with marines and rescuing a kidnapped little girl. She's delivered food to starving people on a rain-soaked planet. And just now, the skipper came on the bridge and announced they're going to war with Earth. Now what does she do?
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Kris Longknife series #2
Kris Longknife had no choice about growing up the Prime Minister's brat. She had no choice about being a debutante heiress. She didn't even have a choice about being made a Princess. When she did have a choice, she joined the Navy.

Now a friend is desperate for help half way across the galaxy, yet she and her computer are needed aboard ship. It's time for Lieutenant j.g. Longknife to make the hard choices. Her choices could get her in trouble with the Navy. But that's what a Longknife does.
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Kris Longknife series #3
Six huge battleships incoming. Only 12 tiny mosquito boats to defend with. How Many of Them can We Make Die!
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Training Daze, a Kris Longknife novel by Mike Shepherd
Kris Longknife series #3.5
Kris Longknife dodges assassins, gains an unwelcome (though rather handsome) bodyguard, and puts together a training squad to travel from planet to planet, preparing crews for the newest, fastest, and deadliest fighting ship. And, of course, nothing goes as planned.
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Kris Longknife series #4
Kris Longknife has finally got herself an independent command. Problem is, she's a Lieutenant and it's an Admiral's billet. And the last occupant, a lieutenant, just retired after fifteen years in the job. Hmm. Oh, and when he heard a Longknife was his replacement, he retired all the reservist working for him. Kris's command isn't just independent . . . it's solitary.
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Kris Longknife series #5
Something is rotten on New Eden. To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question for Kris Longknife. Silly question.
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Kris Longknife series #6
Kris finally has the command she's wanted. The Wasp is clear to roam space beyond the rim and explore virgin territory. Except, other humans have gotten out there well before her, and the problems they're creating could plunge humanity into total war.
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Kris Longknife series #7
The Iteeche almost wiped out humanity. For eighty years, the peace has been based on a very simple rule. They stay on their side of the Demilitarized Zone, and we stay on ours. Today, an Iteeche Death Ball crossed the line and the guy in charge of it wants to talk to Kris Longknife. Is this a trick? Or does all human and Iteeche existence depend on Kris answering the call?
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Kris Longknife series #8
Lieutenant Commander Kris Longknife has precise orders: seek out, engage, and destroy pirates, slavers, and drug lords operating beyond the rim of human space-without interfering in Peterwald family affairs. But when slavers kidnap a twelve-year-old girl, Kris's mission becomes personal. And if destroying the pirate compound flattens some Peterwald interests-well, to hell with politics.
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Kris Longknife series #9
It was supposed to be a simple recon mission. "We come, we see, we run home quick." And the small light corvettes of PatRon 10 were perfect for the job.

So why did the other three governments send their biggest battleships? And why did Grampa Ray, King Ray to most, send her the biggest bombs humanity ever made? Now Kris has a decision to make. Billions, tens of billions will die either way. and Kris must decide who.
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Welcome Home/Go Away, a Kris Longknife novel by Mike Shepherd
Kris Longknife series #9.5
Kris Longknife is back home from her galactic adventures, and humanity finds itself at war with an alien race more monstrous than anyone could have possibly imagined. General Terrance "Trouble" Tordon, Kris's great-grandfather, is given the task of calming the panicked politicians, some of whom would like to eliminate the ever bothersome Commander Longknife. But as "Trouble" struggles to defend his Kris, he fears he's facing a fight he's bound to lose...
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Kris Longknife series #10
Wanted for crimes against humanity on 162 planets, Kris Longknife has been shipped off to East Siberia. Problem is, Jack was shipped of to West Siberia. But worse than that, a Longknife may be going rogue and nobody can go after a Longknife but a Longknife especially, Kris Longknife. But it will take a lot of help from her friends.
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Kris Longknifes Bloodhound, a Kris Longknife novel by Mike Shepherd
Kris Longknife series #10.5
It's dangerous to get too close to one of those damn Longknifes. Exactly why Senior Chief Agent Foile found himself volunteering to get close to the whole family, he'd never know, but soon he was spending his annual leave digging into what the powerful Longknife family wanted hidden and up to his neck in trouble of every kind- and humanity's survival may depend on what he finds.
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Kris Longknife series #11
Kris Longknife is back in the good graces of the brass—and to demonstrate that, they've promoted her to Admiral. Now her mission is to find the home base of the space pirates who are plaguing the fringes of the galaxy.

But no mission is ever simple when your name is Longknife. And this time the complications range from the military to the personal, as Kris finds herself, reluctantly, having to make some command decisions about her future...
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Kris Longknife series #12
There's no rest for a Longknife-even if you're a newlywed. Vice Admiral Kris Longknife's honeymoon gets cancelled when she hears that the space raider's home world may have been discovered. Finding where the raiders came from could be the key to saving humanity. If only uncovering their secrets was that easy. Along the way, she ends up tangling with a mutinous crew and a system filled with strange, deadly enemies poised to wipe another sentient civilization out of existence...
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Unrelenting, a Kris Longknife novel by Mike Shepherd
Kris Longknife series #13
The aliens attacking the planetary system of Alwa are an enemy unlike any Admiral Kris Longknife has ever encountered before. She doesn’t know who they are, only that they worship a being known as the Enlightened One and are unafraid to sacrifice themselves against her fleet. But Kris faces more than just the fanatical behavior of an alien armada. Someone unleashed an epidemic throughout the fleet without warning. Seventy-two career military women are down with something not even the aliens could do to them—including Admiral Kris Longknife.
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Bold, a Kris Longknife novel by Mike Shepherd
Kris Longknife series #14
Despite her role as a fleet Admiral and protector of a planetary system, Kris is still beholden to her great grandfather King Raymond’s commands. The Peterwald Empire is in the midst of civil war. On one side is the tyrannical Empress, on the other is the last person Kris ever wants to see again—Grand Duchess Vicky Peterwald. Due to their shared history, the Emperor believes Kris can mediate between the factions and bring about peace. But before Kris even begins, she discovers someone doesn’t want her interfering in the Empire’s affairs...
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