Works written as Mike Moscoe

The Forsaken (w/ Stephen Arterburn)
Ben Taylor's just a regular guy with a beautiful wife good kids, and great career. When his job is suddenly in jeopardy, Annie gets promoted into the position across the country. The blow to his ego, not to mention the disruption to his family, shatters Ben's confidence in himself and in God. But just as he comes to grips with this new reality and accepts these major changes, his wife is kidnapped! Desperate, Ben travels across country to help the police hunt for the kidnappers. Can he really trust the God he thought he knew to get him through this shocking twist in life? Or is he destined to be just as forsaken as he feels?

Mechwarrior: Dark Age #9: Patriot's Stand
Grace O'Malley's ragtag forces stand valiantly against the fearsome Roughriders—determined to write their planet's history in the scorched wreckage of the battlefield. A novel of the Battletech series.

First Dawn
From a future ravaged by plague, the first time travelers travel thousands of years into the past, to the dawn of civilization and primitive hunters, where they will trace a fatal chain of events and alter history to save humanity from itself. Part One of the Lost Millennium Trilogy.

Second Fire
How do you win a battle lost 6,000 years before you were born? How do you make sure winning that battle doesn't lose you the war? The 21st Century is dead. Killed by a runaway designer plague. Only two people have survived the plague. 2nd Lieutenant Launa Obrian and her sole subordinate, Captain Jack Walking Bear. Their mission, help a peaceful band of farmers fight off the horse raiders from the steppe and maybe, just maybe, turn human history from death and conquest to cooperation and construction. Part Two of the Lost Millennium Trilogy.

Lost Days
How do you win a war lost 6000 years before you were born? Worse, if you've won that war and changed all history, what do you do if you don't like the results... and you're 6000 years from where you can do anything about that. Here's the exciting conclusion of the Lost Millennium Trilogy as Launa and Jack get to see what they#39;ve done . . . and what's been done with their work. And maybe, just maybe will get a chance to do it all over again! Part Three of the Lost Millennium Trilogy.

Short Fiction

"Summer Hopes—Winter Dreams," Analog, March 1991

"Friday Night is Date Night," Aboriginal SF, Summer, 1992

"One Picture is Worth . . .," Analog, Mid December, 1993

"Touch a Star," Analog, February, 1995

"A Day's Work on the Moon," Analog, July/August 2000 (on the 2001 Nebula Award ballot)

"The Job Interview," Analog, May, 2002, (made the Nebula first ballot)

"Faith to Move Mole Hills," Oceans of the Mind, Spring 2002

"A Bad Day All Around," Oceans of the Mind, Summer 2004

"The Strange Redemption of Sister Mary Anne," Analog, November 2004 (on the 2005 Nebula Award Ballot)

"What Wise Men Seek," Analog, December, 2004.

"Lasso the Divine Wind," Time after Time Anthology, Marty Greenberg, Ed., November 2005