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Ebook Publication Date: Feburary 2013
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62205-022-2
Hardcover Publication Date: 2012
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The Fullness of Time

Kate Wilhelm

Hiram Granville, a modern Leonardo, secured more than a thousand patents during his lifetime. His son John, an economics genius, never lost a cent in the stock market or any other financial deal. Now Cat, a documentarian, her researcher Mercy, and Cracker Jack, an electronics whiz, are preparing to do a documentary about the Granville clan. What they find as they research the family is madness, suicides, a seclusion that appears to be total, and a frightening glimpse about what it means to peer into the future..
Ebook $5.99
Available in .epub and .mobi format


"Wilhelm is an accomplished mystery author, and this is the story of an investigation, detective work, uncovering a criminal conspiracy. Throughout, the shadow of danger follows the characters . . . Tense and compelling."