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Ebook Publication Date: June 2012
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62205-011-6
Hardcover Publication Date: 1996 - 2011
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The Bird Cage

Kate Wilhelm

The Bird Cage is a collection of four stories.
The Bird Cage - The research is in cold sleep, suspended animation allowing those with incurable diseases to survive until cures are found. Chimps have been the subjects, but the dying millionaire who is funding the research has ordered the team to proceed to the next step: a human subject. The body sleeps but does the mind?
Changing The World - Conspiracy theories, instant communication, blogs that go viral, a public ready to accept and believe... If you could change the world, would you? Should you? Unintended consequences could result.
The Fountain Of Neptune - She did everything right, got a second opinion, and then went to Rome where the old gods may still be alive.
Rules Of The Game - It wasn't fair for her husband to be haunting her since she'd had nothing to do with his demise at the hands of a hit and run driver. With his ghost in tow she sets out to find his killer and turn over custody to the one who deserves him.
Ebook $3.99
Available in .epub and .mobi format