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Ebook Publication Date: June 2012
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62205-001-7
Hardcover Publication Date: 1989
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Smart House

Kate Wilhelm

Gary Elringer, an eccentric young computer genius, had sunk most of his company’s funds into the construction of Smart House—much to the dismay of stockholders, most of whom were family and friends. But, when Gary invited them all to a game of Assassin in the newly built house, he never dreamed he’d wind up dead for real. And, when one of the stockholders ends up dead, it’s clear that nothing less than murder is afoot in Smart House. Which leads to the next obvious question: Could the house be the killer? Just how smart is Smart House?
Ebook $5.99
Available in .epub and .mobi format


"... [A] technical, complex, absolutely fair-play indictment involving computer access, secret passages, voice prints, and popcorn. Great fun for hackers and ratiocination fans; and Charlie and Constance's marriage is enviable--as is their aplomb."

-Kirkus Reviews