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Ebook Publication Date: April 2013
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-62205-025-3
Hardcover Publication Date: 2000
Hardcover ISBN: 0-312-20953-3
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No Defense

Kate Wilhelm

Lara and Vinny Jessup had a lovely May-December marriage. Initially, the sheriff in Loomis County thinks that Vinny died when his car rolled over on a bad curve on Lookout Mountain. Then he finds the gunshot wound. Was it suicide or was it murder? With a large insurance policy as her motive, Lara could have staged the death—or so it appears to the sheriff. Barbara finds herself drawn to the Oregon desert to take on this case. To Barbara, it appears there‚Äôs no defense at all.
Ebook $5.99
Available in .epub and .mobi format